In January 2006 Steen Skrydstrup of SKRYDSTRUP R&D built a new rig for Steve Morse. He did an amazing job in building a really cool system with some great features.

Steve is using two ENGL Special Edition E 670 amp heads. One is his main amp and one functions as a spare unit. Both are 100 Watts and equipped with EL 34 poweramp tubes. It is possible to switch between amps in case one breaks down with just flicking a switch.

Steve is feeding two stacks of ENGL PRO Slanted E 412 VS cabinets for his dry sound with this amp. For his wet (effects) side he is using a ENGL Powerball E 645. This amp feeds one stack of PRO Slanted E 412 VS cabinets.


Steve's pedalboard contains three Ernie Ball Volume Pedals which he uses to blend his effects. A BOSS TU-12 Chromatic Tuner and a BF1 Buffer (which also mutes the system), 3 volume pedal interfaces and a power supply which provides power for the pedalboard. For changing presets via MIDI, Steve is using an ENGL Z-9 Footswitch.

The Skrydstrup custom made interface contains some really cool features. The best one is for having a guest guitar player jamming with Steve on stage. His technician just flicks a switch and the middle stack and the Powerball amp is ready to use for a jam session. Steve has the two outside stacks to play through. The interface has three return level knobs for the pedals on the board which determines how much signal is going to the Powerball amp.


The rear of the interface contains all connections for the pedalboard (power, signal, and MIDI). The cable loom that runs between the two racks contains all audio, speaker and MIDI signals to/from the interface and the two Special Edition amps.


Steve is using two Deluxe Memory Man pedals from Electro Harmonix for his long and short delay and a BOSS OC-3 Super Octave for diverse solos. A custom made Power Center from Skrydstrup is used to feed all of the rack with power (120 Volt AC).


All outboard cables are fully balanced. The conversion from balanced to unbalanced takes place inside each volume pedal interface (SEND signal) and inside the rack interface (RETURN signal).

The signal from the BF1 Buffer on the pedalboard is fully balanced and converted to unbalanced inside the rack interface.

To compensate for the low level signal from the output of each effects pedal, the SEND signal from each effects pedal to the respective volume pedal is boosted +9dB to improve the signal/noise ratio.

Here are some custom made units of Skrydstrup R&D:

Speaker Selector

MIDI and Power

Speaker Box Interface

Back of Steve's main rack. Rear of Special Edition amp and custom made split box.

Back of the interface. Sends and returns for effects and amps. MIDI out and speaker connections.

Steve's two racks connected together.


Click here for photos of Steve's equipment on the 2007 Deep Purple US tour.

Special Thanks to:
Michael Berger (Steve's Tech), Chris Schlossarek and Bernd Auferman (Engl), Steen Skrydstrup (Skrydstrup R&D).
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