Listed here are a number of interviews and articles from magazines, newspapers and various online sources. The articles date back to the late 70s and give a great overview of Steve's career. Enjoy!

Many of the magazine articles came from the (now closed) True Grit tribute site (Thanks John!).

If you have any more interviews please send them to us. Thanks!

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Morse Decoded
Australian Guitar Magazine, Volume 41, 2004

Steve Morse's Guitar Layering Tips
Guitar Player, August, 2004

High Maintenance Guitar Player
20th Century Guitar, June, 2004

Under The Influence
Guitar One, April, 2004

Going Bananas With Deep Purple's Steve Morse, March 30, 2004

Deep Purple Rocks Generations
San Bernardino County Sun, February 12, 2004

Newest Member Of Deep Purple Talks
The News-Bulletin, February 11, 2004

Top Banana
Guitar World, February, 2004

Steve Morse Interview, February, 2004

Under The Influences: Steve Morse Pays Tribute To Heros On Major Impacts 2
An Honest Tune, January - April, 2004


Purple Reign
Guitarist, November, 2003

Highway Stars
Guitar Magazine, October, 2003

Interview With Steve Morse
Music Street Journal, 2003


Split Decisions: An Interview With Steve Morse, November 25, 2002

Steve Morse Interview
Atlantis Online, November 6, 2002

Classic Rock Revisited Interviews Steve
Classic Rock Revisited, June, 2002

Morse Code, Steve Morse Deciphers His Jaw-Dropping Approach To The Guitar
Guitar Player, May, 2002

Additional Interview Material
Jakarta Post, April 30, 2002

The Greatest Guitarist You Probably Never Heard Of
Jakarta Post, April 30, 2002

Morse, Racing
Guitar Magazine, March, 2002

Interview With Steve Morse
March, 2002

Deep Purple's Steve Morse
BallBuster, February, 2002

The Beginning, The End...And Two Resurrections
The Pure Rock Shop, 2002

Deep Purple's Steve Morse, The Hardest Working Guitarist In Show Business
Classic Rock, 2002


20 Questions To Steve Morse
Distorted Views, September, 2001

Steve Morse Interview
February, 2001


Steve Morse Interview
Rock Notes, December 4, 2000

Classic Rock Revisited Presents An Exclusive Interview with.... Steve Morse
Classic Rock Revisited, December, 2000

Purple Comes In Many Shades...
Vintage Guitar, November, 2000

Steve's Morse Code
Progressive World, September 30, 2000

The Blistering Guitar Work Of Steve Morse
Goldmine, August 25, 2000

The Original Rock/Classical/Fusion Band Is Back On The Road
Voyager Magazine, Summer, 2000

Progressive rock's guitar honcho overcomes 'bad breaks' on the road to superstardom
Progression, Summer/Fall, 2000

The Science Of Strings
Guitar World, June, 2000

Steve Morse, Virtuoso Tone Juggler
Guitar Player, May, 2000

Night Of The Living Dregs - The Resurrection Of Steve Morse And The Dixie Dregs, April, 2000

Steve Morse Interview
February, 2000

An Interview With Steve Morse, 2000


Technique: Rock
Total Guitar, April, 1999


Steve Morse Interview
Atlantis Online, October 3, 1998

The Man Who Brought A New Sound To The Legendary Rock Of Deep Purple
In Too Deep, August, 1998

Steve Morse Interview
Knight Ridder, August, 1998

Steve Morse Interview
Music America, August, 1998

From The Dreggs To Kansas To Deep Purple
20th Century Guitar, June, 1998

Morse Code, Unlocking The Secrets Of Steve Morse
Fingerstyle Guitar, January/February, 1998


Steve Morse Interview
El Musiquero, March, 1997

A Visit With... Steve Morse
Boss Users Group, 1997


Turning Dixie Blues Into Royal Purple
Guitar, December, 1996

Flying Frets
Guitar Shop, October, 1996

Sideman Steve Morse
Musician, September, 1996

Deep Purple
Frontiers, April, 1996

Steve Morse Interview
Aardschok, March, 1996

The Aviator
Guitarist, February, 1996

Purple Heart NEW!
The Guitar Magazine, February, 1996


Radio Interview
KOZZ Reno, August 24, 1995

Steve Morse Begins His Purple Reign
Guitar, May, 1995

Baroque On The Water
Guitar Player, May, 1995

Deep Cover
Guitar School, May, 1995

Steve Morse Interview
Noise Records E-zine, February, 1995


Re: Morse, Steve Comes Full Circle With The Dixie Dregs
Guitar Player, October, 1994

A Talk With Steve Morse
September 22, 1994

Soloing Tips From The Top
Guitar For The Practicing Musician, June, 1994


Whistlin' Dixie
Relix, February, 1993


Born To Burn
Guitar World, October, 1992

The Shred Baron
Guitar World, May, 1992

Reunited Dregs Return To Old Stomping Grounds
The Augusta Chronicle, February 7, 1992

Unsung Hero, September, 1992


Morse's Code
Guitarist, August, 1991

Showing No Signs Of Re-Morse
The Charlatan, May 30, 1991

Self Supporting
Guitar For The Practicing Musician, May, 1991

Out To Lunch
Guitar School, May, 1991

Jamming With Edward
Musician, May, 1991

Steve Morse's Southern Steel
Guitar Player, April, 1991


Monitor, Winter, 1990

Dead Heat
Guitar Player, June, 1990

Steve Morse's Quest For Fire, Rewiring Your Tele For Fun & Aggravation
The Whole Guitar Book, A Musician Special Edition, 1990


The Wizard Returns
Guitar Player, October, 1989

Pride Of The Farm
Guitar For The Practicing Musician, August, 1989

Morse Code, Dregs Of The Past Prove No Burden To Guitarist's Future
The Augusta Chronicle, July 2, 1989

Coming Home
Guitar World, July, 1989

The Sound Of Speed
Guitar For The Practicing Musician, January, 1989


No MOR Here
Home & Studio Recording, September, 1988

Class Reunion
Musician, July, 1988

Steve Morse Takes Off
Guitar Player, March, 1988

Off To A Flying Start With Kansas
Marshall Law, 1988


The Flying Guitar Man
Guitar World, September, 1987

Augustan Steve Morse Plays With Popular Band Kansas
The Augusta Chronicle, June 7, 1987

Guitar Power
Down Beat, April, 1987


Kansas "Powers" Back With The Old And The New
Cash Box, December 20, 1986

Pro's Reply
Guitar Player, December, 1986

The Best Is Here To Stay
Faces Rocks, September, 1986

Roland Synth Artists
Guitar Player, June, 1986

The Steve Morse Interview
Guitar For The Practicing Musician, April, 1986

Vibrato Techniques
Guitar Player, January, 1986


All About Steve Morse
Ovation Information, February, 1985


Few Words And Fewer Lyrics NEW!
International Musician And Recording World, December, 1984

Guitar Hero Will Travel
Musician, December, 1984

Playback: The Making Of An Album, "The Introduction"
Guitar Player, November, 1984

The Acoustic Side Of Steve Morse
Frets, July, 1984

The Steve Morse Band (in German!)
Fachblatt Musik Magazin, February, 1984


Precision Pick Of The Dregs
Guitar World, July, 1983

Steve Morse On The Dregs, American Radio, And Arista Records
International Musician And Recording World, April, 1983

Playback: The Making Of An Album, The Dregs' "Industry Standard"
Guitar Player, February, 1983


Dregs Ponder Their Future
Record, October, 1982

Electric Guitar Master Class
Guitar Player, August, 1982

Survivors in Jazz-Rock Disclaim it
New York Times, June 11, 1982

Essential Listening
Guitar Player, June, 1982

The Versatile Axes Of Dregs' Steve Morse NEW!
Circus, May 31, 1982

Dregs Find A Singer NEW!
Record, April, 1982

Southern Rhythm Cook-out Meets Hot Instrumental Fusion
International Musician And Recording World, January, 1982


Dixie Dregs Have New Violinist, Attitude, Shortened Name
The Augusta Chronicle, November 18, 1981

The Dregs: Concept, not formula
Circus, August 31, 1981

A Session With: The Dregs
Modern Recording & Music, April, 1981

Guest Column, Solving Performance Problems
Frets, January, 1981

The Technical Evolution Of Steve Morse, Fusion Guitar For The 80's
Guitar World, January, 1981


Dregs' Sound Is Innovative
The Augusta Chronicle, August 31, 1980

Dregs Play Variety Of Styles With Deft Touch
The Augusta Chronicle, June 8, 1980

Augusta Musicians Return Home
The Augusta Chronicle, May 25, 1980

From Dregs To Riches
The Atlanta Journal And Constitution Magazine, March 23, 1980


The Dixie Dregs' Country Fusion
Rolling Stone, July 26, 1979

Sound Advice
The Augusta Chronicle, July 1, 1979

Forging A New Southern Sound
Atlanta, June, 1979

Dixie Dregs Doing Well In National Shows
The Augusta Chronicle, April 29, 1979


Forging A New Southern Sound With The Dixie Dregs
Guitar Player, December, 1978

Southern Fusion Of Power And Polish
Down Beat, October 19, 1978

Band Heading For Europe
The Augusta Chronicle, July 9, 1978

Dixie Rock
Penthouse, June, 1978

Augusta Musician Joins Dixie Dregs
The Augusta Chronicle, January 1, 1978


Augusta Band On Road To Rock Music Success
The Augusta Chronicle, August 22, 1977

Southern Rock Is Spreading Across the Country
New York Times, July 24, 1977

Dixie Dregs Refuse Net On All-Out Free Fall
Waxpaper, May 27, 1977
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