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Welcome to - The Fan Site is the most extensive fan site online for Steve Morse, guitar player of the Dixie Dregs, the Steve Morse Band and Deep Purple. For any official news or correspondence with Steve Morse or his management, please go to his official website at

The first new SMB studio album in 7 years, "Out Standing in Their Field", will get its international release on September 25 (October 12 in France). Check out the full details.

The band will also tour in support of the new album. Check the tour page for continous updates.

After a year of constant research and development in the ENGL sound lab, ENGL proudly presents the ultimate amp Steve Morse was seeking: The new E 656 Steve Morse Signature 100. Read the full press release.

VIP FAN EXPERIENCE PACKAGES is offering VIP Fan Experience Packages which give fans an opportunity to meet Steve and the rest of the band. Please visit their site for more info on the VIP packages and to see for which shows of the upcoming tour in Europe packages are being offered.

Have a question for Steve? Here’s your chance to ask! Steve will be doing a Q&A regularly for the new official Deep Purple website. Check it out here!

The website also features a section where you can read about the equipment Steve's currently using on tour with Deep Purple.

Nate Weinsaft has produced a couple of very cool videos that are now up on YouTube. They show footage of Sean D. Tucker flying his amazing aerobatics to Steve's music. Videos currently available are "Air on a 6 string" and "Ionized" but Nate promises there will be more to come!

October will see the release of the new Deep Purple studio album 'Rapture Of The Deep'. Check out our album feature.

Another world tour will follow starting in Mexico and South America in October/November and Europe in January/February. Check out the tour page for confirmed dates.

A Steve Morse Band live DVD will be released in November 2005. Recorded in March 1990 in Baden-Baden, Germany for a television show called 'Ohne Filter' it features Steve Morse, Dave LaRue and Van Romaine performing a mix of Dregs and SMB material.

Bonus material will include four songs from February 1984, also recorded for 'Ohne Filter' and a promotional clip of 'Cruise Missile', both featuring Steve Morse on guitar, Rod Morgenstein on drums and Jerry Peek on bass.

The legendary 1978 Montreux Jazz Festival performance of the Dixie Dregs has been licensed for DVD and will be available for sale in June 2005 (both in NTSC and PAL). Performed on July 23 1978 at The Casino it features these tracks:"

1. Freefall (04:08)
2. Leprechaun Promenade (03:35)
3. Country House Shuffle (03:30)
4. Patchwork (04:27)
5. Attila The Hun (03:47)
6. Wabash (04:34)
7. Punk Sandwich (03:50)
8. Wages Of Weirdness (03:56)
9. Take It Off The Top (04:01)
10. Catherine (02:41)
11. Dixie (03:33)

The line-up is Steve Morse (g), Allen Sloan (vln), Andy West (b), Rod Morgenstein (dr), Mark Parrish (p, kbds).

Magna Carta releases the first official Steve Morse compilation album on May 24th, featuring 9 tracks from Steve Morse's Magna Carta sessions as well as a bonus video interview. Check out our album feature.

This new band consisting of Steve Morse, Jimmy Barnes, Bob Daisley, Lee Kerslake and Don Airey released their debut album in April 2004. While Deep Purple was on tour in Australia, Living Loud got the opportunity to perform two shows. The second show, at Stage 11 in Sydney, has now been released on DVD and CD (also available with an exclusive bonus interview CD).

Read all about the band at their website

In an attempt to cover some of the most important events in Steve's career we are now proud to present the Timeline, in time for Steve's 50th birthday on the 28th of July. We would love to hear from you with comments / remarks / corrections. Send us an e-mail.

Make sure you check out the news page every now and then for continuous updates.

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