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From T Welts: I'd like to know something about Steve's 2 amp system. as far as dry and wet being seperate things. when he steps on the long or short delay, and it comes out the wet amp, doesn't his volume increase at that moment? Or does he keep it at a lower level.

the dry volume doesn't change, but the wet does increase the total sound, since it is then added. The sound man is an important part of the equation, and he must be careful not to pan the two sounds too much, or some will hear too much echo on the side they are standing near.

From T Welts: do you guys think that the peavey 5150 hears the pinched out harmonics better than the marshall. I play a strat w/ SD hot rails, through the marsh 30th. nice amp but when I play the 5150 it seems that I can play harmonics better ....people in guitar stores tell me its technique..I don't know...that 5150 has a lot to offer.. I don't have to push as hard like w/ the marsh..true or is it in my head? thanx..p.s. good fathers' day to web site is fantastic! tw

The 5150 does have a lot more front end gain. That definitely makes it easier to get the harmonics...and easier to gets tons of noise, extraneous feedback, and buzz. So, it really has more gain than you need, and I find many of the Marshalls have a little less than I need, since I don't prefer to use a pedal before the amp head.

From Ken Marcione: This is not a joke. I've seen Steve play many times and I've always been able to get up close. He seems to wear the same black shoes. I think there cool looking and I was wondering who the maker is? Also, on a musical note. I saw Deep Purple last night in Mansfield, MA. The Tweeter Center. Great show as always.

True enough about the shoes. Everything I wear has personal meaning to me, and usually has an interesting story. Those shoes I bought the first day I met and hung out with Deep Purple in Mexico, but they're Italian shoes, I think. Anyway, I thought it would be neat to see if I could have them for as long as I play with DP. All of the jewelry that I wear onstage is Indigenous to different parts of the World and has great memories for me, also.

From Panos: First of all, Steve, well done for giving the best band in the world (DP) what they needed to keep on. How do you feel for being the replacer (sorry for my english) for probably the best guitar player ever?? Keep Rocking!!!! Can't wait to see tou hear in Greece in September with the other guys.

Ritchie came up with so many great parts to play and had a beautiful, singing, hard hitting attack on his guitar. It is true that 20 years from now, I'll still feel like the new guy in the band. You can never replace someone like Ritchie, but you can come in as a fan and give your best shot.

From Jorge Jimenez: My name is Jorge Jimenez and I've been a fan since the early eighties. first of all I'd like to say thanks for inspiring me. I find it peculiar that I can play your songs in my head as I listen to them and be inspired by it. Especially your High Tension Wires CD. I was looking forward to listen to a few of these tunes when I saw you play in Salt Lake City recently but unfortunately it didn't happen... especially Highland Wedding. I'd like to know if you're working on a sequel to High Tension Wires. I'd like to find a diagram of your set up and find out if there are tab books for your current CDs. One last thing, Major Impacts totally blew my mind, that has to be the first cd of that nature ever! Thanks again.

Thanks for the comments. Our set list changes somewhat from night to night, and I'm sorry we didn't do Highland, since we normally do. Probably we had a time constraint, or maybe it was a Dregs gig? Anyway, this new album, Split Decision, has some acoustic tunes in contrast to the band material, hence the name.....

The set up will be sent to Daniel, our fearless webmaster, to post (you will find it here - daniel). Tab books? I'm not sure what's in print still, but the Cherry Lane Publishing books covered dozens of songs....
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