August 10, 2000

We're about halfway through our SMB/Dregs tour and things are going pretty well. My left arm developed a little complication, but Dr. Sloan and Dr. Seigelson gave me some help in Atlanta, so it's going to get better. The playing is very interesting as a challenge, since there are limitations, but the music still comes out, which is the main thing.

We are now aware that many people at the Ft. Lauderdale show have had problems due to circumstances beyond our control. First of all, the show was always scheduled late for us, at 10:30, I believe. Far enough in advance to be printed in our itinerary books. The club owner played in the band that was first, and some people were told that show time was 8:00. I don't know if the first band started at 8 or what, but we were scheduled to play at that later time. We would rather play earlier, anytime. The audience is much more responsive earlier, too. Now, there were also problems with the band's guest list and many were told that they would not be let in, even though they were invited by management or the record company, or even band members. We are extremely upset to hear of people being inconvenienced in any fashion, be it waiting for hours, or being bumped off the list, or whatever. It's not the way we play the game.

Rod and Van have worked up a cool dual drum solo, we are doing a Mahavishnu tune featuring Jerry Goodman, there's a double key solo section with Rod and T, and we're doing a tune that T and I wrote together from one of his solo albums. So, there's lots of unusual aspects to this show, and we're glad to be able to do it all together. Hope to see you at the shows. P.S., if you know of anyone that was at the S. Fl. show, please let them know what happened at that show as far as the schedule.

Thanks, 2000