August 25, 2007

It's getting close to the end of this leg, our US tour. It's been quite a variety of gigs from amphitheaters to smaller venues. It always feels so comfortable to tour in the US for me, anyway. I'm happy to know in advance that I can get something to eat, or my favorite soda, anywhere, anytime. Easy internet, ice machines with lots of ice, t.v. with shows that are in English, 24 hour convenience markets for after the's all fine with me. The unspeakable luxury has been this charter plane we've been using. From my decades of touring the States in rental cars, small piston powered plane, commercial coach flights, old trucks, buses, more old trucks, even older station wagons, etc., I am pretty used to basic transport while traveling from one state to another. However, this is the absolute easiest it will ever be. Especially after dealing with the unfathomable TSA rules, the airline restrictions randomly imposed on guitars being carried, lost luggage, smashed guitar cases, and more. We go to the plane in most cases directly from the cars or vans. We get on, we go. No inspections, since we're still not ever in the airlines' quarantined areas, no wondering if the guitar will be confiscated and smashed, no long lines .........Anyway, you'll never catch me complaining about this kind of flying, especially after spending years trying to convince everybody to try flying privately, albeit in much smaller aircraft. Soon enough, we'll be back to reality flying home!

We have had all good bands working with us on this tour. I have to say again how great Edgar Winter's group was. Edgar and Doug got up again and sat in with us on sax and guitar. Doug's guitar playing really shows a seasoned master at work. Edgar is simply full of great feeling music. Jeff Watson, my friend and mostly known from his work with Nightranger, sat in at the San Francisco show and played an immaculate and impressive solo. He uses a metal pick, and always seems to play difficult stuff with more ease than I can muster. Another impressive group that we heard was a trio called Superunloader, kind of prog rock without keyboards.

Thanks to all the people who have supported live music in the States. It's still possible to tour here because you leave your homes and turn up at live venues. The old saying, "Bands make it rock, we make it roll" still goes for our fearless crew. They have all had some difficult juggling to do in order to make every gig work. Well, it's time to put away my computer since the battery is gone. Oddly enough, the plane didn't crash even though my computer was on, and the tray table was down. See you soon. 2007