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A couple of cabinets with a variety of mikes to listen through. There's a Neuman TLM 170, an AKG 414, a couple of Shure, (57 and beta 57), another Shure that's a condensor 81, and a beat up Audio Technica that I still like. One cabinet has JBL 120's in it, and I use that one a lot. There's a Peavey cabinet not shown that I use live and with Purple that has the Scorpion speakers. I wish I had that here, but it's with the road equipment. I've had some good luck with the little open back Carvin cabinets, but not turned up too loud.


My Ernie Ball Musicman guitar, a Steinberg 12 string. A Carvin Vintage head, A Peavey Tube head, A Trace Elliot, Marshall, and my trusty old Ampeg V4. I like to change which amp I plug into as I'm recording different parts, since they all have different personalities. I would have my Jubilee head and the 5150 stock head if they weren't cased up somewhere, so I'll be tracking them down shortly. Also not pictured is a Crate combo amp and a Peavey combo amp that give surprisingly useful sounds. When I record with them, I just mike them in the control room rather than send the signal out to the main room, since I don't need much volume with them.


You can see a couple of guitar preamps, the top one is a Digitech 2101 and a Mesa preamp. The big machine is my trusty Studer A80, four ADATs, an old 1/2" machine, a couple DATs, and the computer running Cubase using the MOTU 2408 interface. Not pictured are billions of wires behind everything, beneath everything, everywhere.


The console, an old handbuilt CM4400 made by the original Soundtracs in England. Clean, quirky, and versatile, but a busy patch bay always. The Dregs live mix that I just did had all 40 inputs going at some points.
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