January 11, 2000

Hi, everybody. People are mostly asking when we are going to play here or there, and can't believe that we don't have all the dates for the Dregs tour yet. I am always amazed at how "last minute" my touring dates have been, but we really don't have them all confirmed yet as far as I know (yesterday).

Anyway, the album project I'm working on for Magna Carta is going very well, with drums being recorded next week, and Dave LaRue is getting involved starting tonight. The Dregs California Screaming should be out pretty soon, at least for the ones that ordered up front, but I actually don't know the exact release date since I've been concentrating on this current project.

End of the month, I'm off to Germany to do a Deep Purple t.v. appearance and then immediately jump on a plane to just collapse at our first Dregs gig in L.A. If I play a bit shaky that night, it's the caffeine more than being nervous.....Anyway, look forward to the tour and seeing you all, thanks for all the support.

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