January 27, 2000

Hi everybody. I am totally behind with E mail homework. I have been in the studio night and day to try and finish this album before I leave to go to Europe for a show the night before I start the Dregs tour in California. If you think that sentence was long, you're right. I found the text of a Brazilian interview that I did, one that I had to type out and send on E mail a little while back. It does answer some of the same questions that were in my stack of E mail.

If you have sent questions to the "ask Steve" part of web site, they do come to me, they just come faster than I can keep up with. One solution is to just choose some to answer, another is to use them for inspiration to write something in general. The obvious solution: just answer them all, isn't going to be possible as long as I'm a working musician. Let me know your thoughts, if you'd like to write. If you just have a comment, all the "fan mail" can easily be read by me, because it automatically arrives without reply possible, therefore it's easy to keep up with. Interesting human psychology, but that's the way I am. Can't bear to delete an E mail with a question, despite the fact that my hard drive is near capacity......

Here's some of the questions that I mentioned from the interview.

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