March 27, 2000

Hi everybody. We're in Japan and have just finished 2 sold out shows in Tokyo. All the future shows should be the same, I'm told. The audience was more energetic than we all remembered, so it was a nice surprise. The usual joke was that you can't tell if you've had a good show or not here, since they stay very quiet until the very end of the show. Instead, we were surprised to see them on their feet the whole show, so they've definitely loosened up here, all for the good of a live concert.

Last night we had one of those long, record company dinners at a fancy Japanese restaurant. There were parts of living things being eaten that I would never have considered edible. I guess nothing is wasted here..... Anyway, I learned that the tour with DP and the symphony is being booked now.

So, in the fall, we're doing a bunch of Europe, some Americas,(South and North). The US dates will be just some major cities, and they are still trying to figure the logistics of how to travel a whole orchestra or whether to have different orchestras with days off to rehearse them. As you might have guessed, I was sitting next to our booking agent, Neal. We also had a nice talk where I learned that the SMB can finally do gigs in Europe, but he needs enough notice to make it really good for all involved.

So, things are going very well on the road here. At these Japanese gigs, we drive for very long periods of time in dense traffic to get anywhere, then are whisked away after the shows to a distant hotel. The shows are very early here, so that people can get a train home after the gig. Last night (?) the show started at 5pm. Yep, to me, that's pretty much a Matinee, but it's a night show here. Of course, that also means that the housekeeping staff can be pretty perky and active at 6am, also. People here work with so much energy, that it has always amazed me. I recommend a visit here just to see how industrious an entire culture can be, and still have a great appreciation for artistic things. Well, I better go eat my seaweed soup...... 2000