April 4, 2000

Well, I've been in Asia for a couple of weeks now, and finally there was something on tv besides the CNN news loop. It was just a silly situation comedy that I would have never had time to watch, but I was mesmerized by the fact that I was actually hearing American voices. And I enjoyed the show very much.

The people here in Korea are absolutely amazing to play for. They just love music, and are totally open to any new material, they just like to hear music. Last time we were here, we ended up playing in a typhoon. Really, it was like we were standing in the shower and playing. All the equipment got soaked, and all my guitars eventually shorted out, we were changing them as fast as they would quit. Roger and I had towels draped around the guitar bodies, vainly trying to forestall the water getting in the electronics, the drums would splash big roostertails of spray every time Ian would hit them. John likes to sort of slide his hand quickly up and down the keyboard while he's soloing, and the organ keys were also leaving a trail of water flying as his keys forced some of the water that was trapped below into the air. Meanwhile, the audience was absolutely swimming in mud, trying their best to enjoy the show, with an amazing spirit. So, when we had a chance to do this concert with special consideration for the people that bought tickets to that waterfest, we were very glad to find that it was in a nice big indoor hall. No rain. And it went great.

I got a chance to have a long lesson with a real Korean tae kwon do Master. He heads up an elite security team, and he and the translator were patient as he spent hours explaining many things. Ian Gillan came along, and we were both amazed at how much pain he inflicted on his top students as he demonstrated various defensive and offensive moves that are excellent for their security training. I eventually stopped asking questions as I realized that every question meant another security man would go flying across the room or something. They must have been his top students because they showed some amazing stamina and training. Ian and I were very impressed.

This tour is going great for the band, and I am so glad to see them all so full of life still. Gotta go, we're travelling for 17 hours tomorrow.....it's a day off.

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