July 16, 2002

Well, I've been on tour for a long time without writing anything. Actually, I've written quite a lot, it's just been an ever increasing amount of correspondence. Before the internet, there was actually a limit to the amount of information that could be crowded into a person's brain. Now, with cell phones, e mail, and messages at the hotel, time for practice seems to get pushed behind the endless parade of urgent messages.

Anyway, the tour has been going great. Last night, in the back of the Scorpions' bus, we had several guys from each band sitting there hanging out and Rudy of the Scorps mentioned that it was one of the best tours he's had in many years, followed by a loud cheer of agreement. Actually, it has for us, too. We all like each other and have enjoyed hanging out a number of times, still. So, there is really no stress between the bands. In fact, in some cases, we all share some of the same crew, sound and light talent during the show. Great crew, too.

I'm in the Midwest right now. The most colorful feature of the last month for me has been flying my plane all around the Country again. It's like the old days with the Dregs, except for the eerie feature that I'm mostly flying in the plane by myself, due to everybody having different ideas about what makes up a great way to travel. There is a bus that I will eventually be jumping on, at which time I won't have to also get weather, flight plans, and prepare the plane every day in addition to everything else. But, ah, the view will never be as good as what I've seen. America is such a beautiful place from up there, and I really feel like myself when I'm at the controls.

I've gotten a lot of e mail from people asking specific questions about when we're going to play someplace, and I should say that the web site has the news before I do, usually. Also, there are a lot of questions about when the Dregs or SMB will be going out, to which I can only wonder myself. Everybody in those bands is also out playing gigs with other groups, so it's not just me........Still, if there were ever a time to do it, it would be around Christmas, when there is a mandatory DP break....

I just wanted to say something about the tour, and let anyone who reads this know that I totally love you for supporting live music. I'm still glad that I can play gigs, and am grateful for the support that makes it possible.


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