July 24, 2005
(part 2)

Today we're on a charter plane again. This is making another impossible routing possible. We are going from the edge of Black Sea all the way to the Western Edge of France, just over the channel from England. This is a turboprop, so we've got about 6 hours to go, then after the gig in France, we're hopping back on the plane for a very long leg to Turkey. To add a twist to this, we're going to have a press conference and interviews when we arrive in Istanbul after all of this. For someone who doesn't sleep in an airplane seat this will be a very long day......

The show last night in Bulgaria was amazing. 5 miles before the gig, we saw people parking their cars on the side of the only road leading to the remote outdoor location. The people were walking all the way to the concert past solid rows of vehicles parked on the road. In the end, it turned out that thousands of people could not even get in. What a wonderful audience they made, though. In that part of the World, Deep Purple was not even allowed to be sold or listened to "back in the day!"

The local groups that have been opening the shows have really been good. I have always heard good guitar work, and they have universally been gracious and polite people. When you open up a show like ours, you most likely don't get a sound check, have very little room onstage, limited monitors, lights, and possibly even have to carry your own stuff on and off stage. Despite all this, the real musicians find the fun in all of this, and are always smiling and enjoying the experience.

This has been a great summer for playing concerts. Everywhere we go, young people are finding it socially acceptable to be into rock and roll, which is a good sign. For whatever reason, probably the alienation from music videos that depend on visuals first, Rock is alive and well!

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