July 29, 2000

Well, right now I'm on my way to Europe to play at Montreaux. There's always a reason why the direct flight to the Country I'm going to is not available, so this will be a 5 legged journey over 20 hours. I still think of going to Europe the same way as everyone else does- 9 or 10 hours and you're there. So, now I definitely have time to write a note before the battery on the laptop gives out.

The wrist is going to be a quick recovery, I think. Because of all the Earth Legacy supplements, (5 calcium tablets a day, for instance), and because of all the circulation-aiding exercise. Then again, there's the theory that you're supposed to sit around and wait for it to heal without causing stress or pain...... No, this is going to heal quickly and I will eventually learn to drop in at the skateboard park with my boys.

To answer a bunch of questions, I am not really a skateboarder, (surprise- they know how to fall more gracefully, apparently) just a Dad who likes to play with his kids. And I was just trying to "drop in" in a small concrete bowl, that's all. And I'm not a great pitcher, either. But, my right handed frisbee throwing has improved in the last 5 days as a result of wearing the cast, and even though I'm left handed, I found that I can write legibly with my right hand. So, a potpourri of new experiences.....

I could use some advice on cast etiquette. If someone offers to sign my cast and I don't want it signed, what do I say? Should I just immediately say "I broke it skateboarding," everytime someone starts staring at it, since they will eventually ask anyway? If I am supposed to keep it dry, but it gets soaked with perspiration playing a gig, does that mean I should just take a shower with it uncovered to get it clean? Has anyone ever run screaming out of an upper story hotel window because of the absolutely strangling, claustrophobic feeling of a clammy, irritating, vice grip that can't be removed?

Seriously, Dave LaRue has really helped me by coming over every night to train with me on our music. Refingering the music is going fairly easily, and the lighter strings are allowing some vibrato, at least downward, with the aid of gravity. By the time the SMB/Dregs gigs happen, my left hand fingers will be stronger.

We're adding some new music, like a tune that T Lavitz and I wrote called "Sparkle Plenty", and a Mahavishnu excerpt, in honor of the fact that Jerry G was the violinist in the band when I got to see them live. We're going to be doing some combinations of musicians, like Jerry with the trio, and Rod and T doing what I hope will be a keyboard duet. Haven't gotten an update on how that's going yet.

Anyway, lots of unusual stuff on this little upcoming tour with the SMB and the Dregs together. "Major Impacts" has been getting a lot of press interviews, which is where I've spent a lot of daylight hours, so things haven't really stopped all summer, there's always something going on. So, come on down to the show if it's in your area, it'll be fun.


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