June 13, 2001

Well, here we are, literally bouncing along in the back of the bus. At one point, every single one of the band, manager, accountant, and road manager, had a computer out, typing away. So, I put down my guitar and pulled out my computer, brought it to life to send you another message from the road.

It's near the beginning of our tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Ted Nugent. I know both Ted and most of the guys from LS, so it's a very enjoyable environment. Best of all for me, we're finally playing some of the USA. Right now, the beautiful fields of Nebraska are stretching out underneath a perfect, cloudless sky. It's the kind of day that you wish you were sitting in the front seat of a small plane. In fact, I was unable to get a small plane that could handle all the people and tons of baggage, otherwise we would be up there, looking down. Not everyone in the group is too keen on flying small aircraft, but if I could have lined up a good charter choice, they might have gone for it.

Anyway, the shows have gone well, and we're all glad to be playing in the States. But none more glad than me, for sure. I should stop and tell you about the charity show that we did a few weeks ago, too. Luciano Pavarotti, the famous tenor opera singer, has always had a pretty open mind as far as collaborating with other people. Still, it was a surprise when he offered Deep Purple a chance to sing and perform muscially on one of his favorite opera arias, "Nessun Dorma". Well, he was a nice guy to us, and I got to bring my son, Kevin with me on that trip. So it was a totally different gig for me, having my son around to talk to, or walk around with. His favorite part of the trip may have been all the pigeons that he got to feed around the old streets of Bologna, Italy. His least favorite part was the 20 hour trip back, with multiple stops. During the rehearsals and the gig, we got to see Tom Jones, Michael Douglas and his wife. Best part for me was that George Benson played, too, plus we got to hang out with him and talk for quite a while. It was so cool to have him telling young Kevin about the life of being a musician. For a young boy to realize that there are other Dads out there who do this travelling music game was worth the whole trip.

Back to this tour: Ted Nugent is playing great, Skynyrd sounds great as always, all the guitarists sound excellent. So, it's probably one the best tours for me. We're mostly in the Northern States, so check it out if you can. We're with them through the 8th of July, then next is Europe for us.......

stevemorse.com 2001