June 27, 2001

More notes from the road, as we bounce along American interstate highways. During this tour we (the musicians from the different bands) have all gotten to know each others' set pretty well as well as gotten to know each other. Everyone is getting along very well on this tour, so there's no dramatic gossip to report or anything. I'm watching the bands all play better and better during this month. It's like everybody is pushing everybody else to play their best.

Last night I was watching Ted Nugent play from the front of the house, near the extreme edge close to a backstage entrance. Ted saw me, and waved when he recognized me. That was pretty cool for a guy like me who grew up listening to him and learning all his solos from the Amboy Dukes. Right after that moment onstage, he played part of a well known solo from an Amboy Dukes song, too.

After our set, some of us walked out of the dressing rooms just as the Skynyrd band was waiting to go onstage. It was a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, we all knew each other well enough to know that we enjoyed eachother's music. It was just, kind of like a bunch of friends hanging out. Hanging out in front of 15,000 people.

Don't know exactly why, but the package of this tour is working very well in most every market, thankfully. Thanks to those of you who endured the parking lots, the traffic, the long lines for the refreshments, the outrageous prices of the merchandise to make live music still a theoretical possibility.

There was a T.V. Crew filming part of our set for a story about whether bands that have been around for a while are still "relevant". Music is one of the few professions where experience is viewed as a detriment, I guess. I hope they got a shot of the crowd, at least.

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