June 29, 2000

It's been a while since I wrote, and I've been really busy. Deep Purple is finished with our first writing session for a future album and it went very well. It was the first time that we had all of us together in the same room, including the singer, Ian while we tried song ideas. In the past, there had always been a little time between writing the music and writing the lyrics. Now, it's cool that Ian is trying vocal stuff right in front of us while we play the ideas. That's actually harder than you think, since a singer will only usually use nonsense vowels, or sounds in order to have something to sing while they are trying out melody ideas as well. Anyway, it feels right this way, and I'm glad.

DP is also playing Montreaux Jazz Festival this year again, which is always a good gig. SMBand and the Dregs are doing some shows together in a few weeks on the East Coast. Why? Good question. It's a long story, but I wanted to get some more gigs for the trio as soon as we got a chance, since we had done the Dregs at the last opportunity instead of SMB (during the Dream Theater Tour). Anyway, Rod's wife came up with the idea of us both playing, and Rod came up with a twist: the band members interact and try to combine forces in some tunes.

So, the way I visualize it, we will start with the trio, then add one or two other musicians during our set, then the venue will want an intermission, then the Dregs will come out with a substantially different set than last time out.

My new record, Major Impacts, is available in stores, and I've been doing a lot of interviews about it. The basic idea is that the record is me writing original songs in the style of 10 different guitaritst/bands that were major influences to me. Dave LaRue and Van Romaine play bass and drums on it, of course. One of the tunes was a double version, with a part that was Kansas and the ending Yes. Then I found that they're touring together, which is cool. Thanks for all your nice E mail messages of encouragement.

Some of you have asked questions along the lines of: When are you playing this area.......

A. I never know, really. Not very far in advance, and it depends on lots of factors that I can't control, so I'm one of the last to know. Really.

Can you send me....

A. If I had it together to send stuff and do tons of more paperwork, I'd be programming for Microsoft or at least not having to hire people to catch as many loose ends as possible, such as management, booking, road managers, etc. The nature of a musician is creativity mixed with other things. I have never been one that keeps orderly files of past accomplishments in order to have them ready to send out to people. It would be cool if I was that organized, but I could maybe get closer to that if there were 56 hours in a day. I sleep very little as it is, and I'm always a step behind in paperwork, and e mail. So, I'll send it when I catch up with all the stuff that's in front of the line....in other words, probably not this millenium.

Can you visit this site and critique our music?

A. This is kind of like the one just above, having to do with time versus life expectancy. Nobody, not even my Mom, knows how much activity I try to fit into a day, and it never quite makes it, so I just don't have time to do that at this point in my life. Maybe someday things could slow down and I'd be glad to be giving people encouragement, support and constructive critiques, which I have done plenty in the past.

Bottom line is that I really do think of everybody that has supported me every day. Usually at breakfast. That's right, when I'm opening the refrigerator, I am reminded that the food got bought with money that people took out of their pockets at our shows. So, I have this tremendous guilt trip any time someone asks me to do something that I can't realistically do, because I do feel proud and grateful to have such steady support in a traditionally fickle business. It's just a long winded way of me saying I love you guys and I have to get back to work.

Thanks always!

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