March 25, 2003

It is a very busy time for me, but we have basically finished the Deep Purple album. It is more of a collaborative effort this time since we have recorded a couple of songs that came from our producer, Michael Bradford.

Michael is a super intelligent, very musically gifted guy who can play anything, engineer, produce, write, etc.... He looks like Randy Jackson from "American idol", (I think that's the title of the show.....the one where the English guy rips the contestants apart).

So, we went to L.A. to redo some songs with Michael, and then returned to do the actual recording. It's been quite an experience, and I'm always hyped up whenever I can work with super talented of my best job perks. Actually, it's the reason I got into this business.

Anyway, while we were in California, the shuttle tragedy occurred. Ironically, I, as well as the other band members, had just gotten an E mail from one of the astronauts, Kalpana. We were lucky enough to have made acquaintance with many of the folks associated with STS 107 and were invited to the launch in a special area, but we had to go do the recording. I totally freaked out when I saw the disintegration on T.V. That afternoon, I brought in a little musical idea, which I titled, "Contact Lost", which is probably going to be on the album to pay homage to all of them. Like combat forces, test pilots, police and firefighters, they all know they are exposing themselves to higher levels of risk, but nobody had ever been witness to such a horrendous accident on reentry.

I am nearly finished with Major Impacts 2, which includes songs influenced by ELP, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Yardbirds, Cajun, Bluegrass, Bach, Celtic ballads, and others. I finally trusted Van Romaine enough to let him do his own interpretation of everything, since I had more or less arranged the songs already. He and Dave do an amazing job, of course. I've got to turn this in soon, so I better get back to work..........

Oh, before I go....I've gotten a lot of personal requests and questions at the e mail address "fan mail......steve will read it but don't expect a reply". In an amazing number of cases there are detailed responses and requested, and in many cases detailed and varied requests to send things. Just to put this in perspective.......I sleep 4 or 5 hours a night, have a very full life of many responsibilities and all I can do is occasionally check and read these e mails. I will try to get some kind of assistant who could maybe help in the future, but for now, I'm swamped and beg any of you who didn't get an answer to just know that I love you but I'm overwhelmed. I know how weird it is to leave a message and get no reply, and I can't believe the shoe is on the other foot, but it is beyond my capability at this time to keep up with all the requests. Music has to be a priority when it comes time to work, as opposed to typing for hours.

On the other hand, I really have appreciated the incredibly thoughtful, and insightful comments that have been my pleasure to read that arrive through the e mail portal. I don't want to change that, and I do thank you for taking the time to offer encouragement, opinions, observations, etc. to me.

Demographically, I appear to have an enormously eclectic group of friends on the web and don't want to lose any of them. Thanks for your taking part. 2003