May 22, 2000

We just did a bunch of press stuff for Deep Purple including interviews that will be on 3 different VH1 specials. Before they were Rock Stars, Top 100 heavy bands, and the third one had to do with all time classic albums. I just happened to have my guitar in my hand when I answered some questions about what I thought of other albums, and it worked out well. The producer said, "Don't worry, you're all over the show", because maybe I illustrated some of the things that I liked about the albums he mentioned by playing a certain riff or something to illustrate what I was referring to.

DP has just been added to the Montreaux Jazz Festival, although we don't really play jazz......But "Funky Claude" in "Smoke on the Water" is the host, Claude Nobbs (sp?), so he knows the band well, and I have played it before with DP, as well as with the Dregs and solo, also. 2000