November 30, 2007

These are the good old days.........I always liked that title for a song, and I think it fits right now. Last night, in a smaller town in France, I was thinking about this during our show. Everything has gone so smoothly that I think I will look back on this period as being part of the good old days.

For example, I am playing a beautiful guitar which sounds so clear, but powerful, through the amps that have been tweaked just for my style. I don't have to even try to get a sound, it has already been set up, the strings are new, the action perfect. Ian Gillan comes over and gives me frequent thumbs up signs, encouraging me all night to go for something new each song. Roger always smiling and supporting, Don and the other Ian make it so easy to play along, since their styles fit what I would want to hear for every song.

I always miss being home, but do now have a little bit of relief to hear that my son did well on his school grades, or at a gig. His whole life has been me being there every day for some time, then being gone every day for a time, so he knows it and accepts it. My wife and stepchildren haven't known me for their whole lives, but are also used to this routine. I am finally accepting it, long after everyone else in my life has. I have always wanted to play gigs when I'm home for a long period of time, just not for weeks upon weeks in a row. But if you must be gone for over a month at a time, this is a great way to travel, right now, sitting on our little turboprop plane, jumping all over Europe.

Today our flight crew put some Deep Purple t shirts over their uniforms to make everyone laugh as we drove up. So the ultimate high of playing a show gets supplemented every day with getting to be up in the air without all the hassle of airline travel. The hotels still have nothing on but CNN international, but the options increase as more of them are getting reliable internet. There are still some laughably slow (slower than dial up) speeds being labeled as "broadband", but things are vastly improved from 10 years ago. The aging human body that I live in does remind me that the clock hasn't stopped ticking, of course, but God gives me a little more ingenuity to play around those aches and pains that we all get eventually. I feel exactly the same as I did at 21, but at times my tendons and joints don't agree with that number. My metronome encourages me to work hard to stay fit, though.

I bet a lot of people reading this could agree that there are things about this lives, right now, that might be looked back upon as being part of the good old days. And if it's a dark period in your life, look forward to the changes that inevitably come. And happy holidays to everyone! 2007