November 4, 2001

I just finished my new album, Split Decision. Really, I mean I just put all the millions of files and disks in the fedex box. I'm on a plane right now, heading away for a week of fairly stress-free work......compared to scraping up against the deadline after a series of near sleepless nights.

So, the album sounds really pretty cool, to me. Lots of variety, I'm very happy with that, too. The concept is that the front tunes are more energetic, and the end group are more mellow. I had originally sequenced them so that you had one of each category alternating, but that did sound a bit confusing compared to putting them in two separate blocks. It plays very well, though, because every song has quite a bit of variety, some with feels that we've never recorded before. I need to thank Brian Moritz for all his tireless work with engineering the drum recordings, editing, and mixing help. It's been a long time since I've had company for a drum session, besides Dave LaRue helping out some, and it was pure luxury to be able to walk away to work on some other arrangements while work just automatically progressed during my absence.

As soon as I get back from this trip, the whole Deep Purple clan will be at my place for the first time, ever. We'll be spending some time working on new material to record. Then, the day that Purple is leaving my studio, the Dregs are coming in for a drumless rehearsal. Seems the guitar player suggested doing a bunch of new material for this tour in December.......The other guys are bringing in some of their tunes to do, and it should be exciting. The tour in December is East Coast, over to Chicago. We may do some West Coast gigs in January....

So, lots of things going on, and surprisingly, I thought it would be a very quiet autumn! 2001