November 9, 2007

It's been a while. Being at home brings me to a completely different reality, no less busy than any tour I've ever done. Since the time at home is always marked out, it's sort of like a vacation, planning-wise.....You hope to do so many things, but reality gets in the way, and you can only accomplish a fraction of what you plan to. Maybe my whole life will turn out that way!

Our first gigs have all been in Eastern Europe, and they have all been really full of energetic people. We were in Romania for Halloween, but Count Dracula was nowhere to be seen. It's a popular holiday in America, but not over here. We have had universally good hospitality, and apart from a serving of water that cost $60, everything has been easy to deal with. (I knew the dollar was weak lately........the manager eventually took off the excessive charge, as our table was charged $400 for the bottled water, apparently imported from some fancy place.) Gasoline would have been a bargain, being 100 times cheaper. Best of all, in many of these countries, they don't bother changing the American movies and tv shows soundtrack, they simply put subtitles below in their own language.

Playing onstage with the guys is so welcome and comfortable, like sitting in your favorite easy chair at home. That is the reason we smile onstage, because it feels right. With audiences like we've had this last week, it's easy to have a good show.

We're on our way to Austria in the plane right now. We're supposed to be trying some of the tunes from Purpendicular, so I'm looking forward to that. I'll get back to you soon, since I have to go check my new amp prototype from ENGL, and get ready for this solo guitar gig in Italy. 2007