September 18, 2003

I'm just leaving a large city in Brazil. I always love the people in Brazil, since they love music so much. We did several t.v. shows, and lots of interviews during this trip. One of the t.v. shows involved two comedians going by names that you could only say on cable t.v. in the States.

The shows are going great, we've been doing 5 songs from the new album, too. Some of them had the whole crowd singing along, so maybe there are a lot more pirate copies than anybody knows about? The people seem happy to hear the new stuff as well as the old, so this is going to be just fine. Like many places I see from the stage, there is always that violent pushing about 6 rows back when they are all standing. I can never understand the point of it, since some of the innocent people get squished near the front as a result. All the guys that bring their girlfriend end up seeing them trying to climb over the barrier to escape the crush of humanity. At one gig last week, all the security guys spent the entire time leaning and pushing the barricades back into the people, who couldn't go anywhere, since they were crushed by the ones behind them. I've heard of festival seating before, but alot of these gigs have festival standing, as well as very late starting times. Anyway, the people are very relaxed and able to deal with these sorts of things very well.

The album is doing very well here, so that must be the reason why all the t.v. shows are happening, as opposed to just maybe one appearance. Every single interview that we do contains the question, "Why is the album called Bananas?". Almost out of boredom, the answer is getting different every time, and further removed from any shred of sanity. Speaking of sanity, we got up at 7 a.m. to travel, and the gig isn't until 1 a.m. tonight. I'm not usually able to sleep during the day, but I hope I get a chance to before the interviews tonight.

It is always difficult to get used to heading further south in this hemisphere and getting colder. Leaving Florida when it's over 90 degrees makes it hard to remember to bring a jacket to South America, you know. Actually, if you like the way Hawaii looks, the coastal cities of Brazil will seem familiar. This is one of the few places we go to where the prices of normal items can be found below what we pay in the States, so it might be a cool place to vacation if you like exotic locations and friendly people.

Time to turn off the computer, according to the flight attendant. 2003