September 19, 2000

Well, we just finished our South American leg with two nights in a big arena in Mexico City. Jon got freaked out when about 3 people out of the first 10,000 made some noise during the second movement of the concerto. Actually, the conductor, Paul Mann, got upset as well, but the crowd shushed the noisy ones until they eventually gave up. The gig went very well, but we had to take stock of everything and remind ourselves that the people that fill the arenas came to see Deep Purple, and not necessarily a classical concert. All in all, Jon handled it well the next night, and was back in a good mood and we all felt much better about the whole deal. In case I hadn't mentioned it, the first half of the show is now the concerto in 3 movements, then a break with our guests, Miller Anderson and Ronny Dio singing, then we do a bunch of Purple tunes, some with the 100 people on stage participating. It's a very unusual gig, and different in that the concerto was originally written for orchestra with the band answering them in some sections.

Speaking of very unusual things, there has been somebody impersonating me on the internet. This has happened before, and I have had stuff forged, and people have attempted to get information, etc. I'm sick of that kind of stuff, of course, but it continues to happen. Anyway, if someone approaches you through e mail to get any kind of response, send your response to the e mail button on this site, that I know I'll get.

Thanks, 2000